Business directory scraping

Client : A popular Ed tech company from France
Challenge : The client wanted to scrape business directories to generate leads.
Solution : Client shared the details he wanted from business directories. One of the sites he gave was login protected and we had to use special techniques to avoid detection. We used Python Scrapy framework to write a site specific web scraper and extracted the details he wanted and delivered in CSV format that he can directly upload to his CRM.

Benefits :

  • Successfully completed the scrape
  • Every technicality involved were taken care of by our team
  • He got ready to use data that he can directly upload to his CRM.

Takeaway : The idea of web scraping creating business value is not new, however, the accuracy of data is becoming the basis of competition in many business verticals. Scraping business directories can get you sales qualified leads right inside your CRM.Don’t believe me? , read this and know yourself.

Datahut helps companies to get the data from business directories. We deliver both data and code at an affordable price.

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