Web scraping reviews

Client : A famous electronics device manufacturing company from Australia
Challenge : The client wanted to know what is being discussed about his products. The client wanted reviews of his products from the sites on a daily basis. There were 15+ sites to scrape data from and he also wanted ownership of the code.
Solution : We used Python Scrapy framework to write the web scrapers. Evading the anti-scraping mechanisms were successfully done by using IP rotators. We ensured continues data delivery using our technology infrastructure.
Benefits :
Successfully completed the scrape.

  • Every technicality involved were taken care of by our team.
  • We ensured continues data delivery.
  • The data was clean and directly usable in his analytics systems.

Takeaway : You can not put a price on your reputation. Review data is extremely useful as it tells you what is being discussed about your product online. You can take actions before it affects your business. Datahut helps companies get review data through web scraping. We use open source Python Scrapy framework to cut down cost and save him from proprietary technology deadlock.

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