We will get you data from the web, the way you need it.

Datahut is a highly scalable and enterprise-grade web data extraction platform for all your data needs. Get Data at an affordable price with 100% money-back guarantee.

Our Solutions

web scraping service from datahut

Optimize the price of your product and increase sales by monitoring competitor pricing strategies.

data analytics solutions from datahut

Generate leads from business directories and social media sites like twitter and LinkedIn.

data visualization solutions from datahut

Build news aggregators, event aggregators and centralised job portals using data from websites.

data visualization solutions from datahut

Get marketing intelligence by identifying key market developments from various sources in the web.

data visualization solutions from datahut

Extract comprehensive business intelligence on startups and big corporations.

data visualization and web crawling services from datahut

Build price comparison sites and affiliate sites using web data from popular E-commerce sites.

Why Us

Fully managed service

We will manage all the challenges and give clean and ready to use data the way you need it.

Ready to use data

Delivers ready to use data according to the requirements that can be used right away.

Data export

Export data in any common format like CSV, JSON, XML or directly update your database.

Zero technicality

All technicalities involved like coding, cleaning and quality assurance are taken care of.

Scale quickly

Quickly scale from small number of sites to hundreds of sites without breaking the existing systems.

Open source

Open source technologies to save you from proprietary technology dead lock and cut down the costs.

Affordable service

We deliver Data at a cost that makes sense for your business whether it is a startup or an MNC.


We deliver code and data to give you control over the project. Power to you!

No Risk

You have absolutely no risk as we have a 100% money-back guarantee policy.

What sites can We scrape for You?

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