Retail Solutions

Large internet retailers, brands, management consulting companies and early-stage startups use our product data feeds to solve their business problems. Here are some of the top problems we help solve.

Competitor Pricing Intelligence

Our retail data feeds gives you access to information such as like pricing, Category, reviews etc on a daily / weekly or monthly basis from any number of websites.

Counterfeit Detection

Our product data feeds can help uncover pricing insights from your competitor websites that are accurate,and actionable. This data can be plugged into dynamic pricing systems so that you get more sales.

Dynamic Pricing

Boost your revenue and sales volume by dynamically pricing your product. Our product data feeds contains valuable insights that help you identify and tap into pricing opportunities.

Price Comparison

Price comparison websites use our product data feeds to get content on their websites. Our solution gives them better coverage across many products and categories which helps them earn more money.

Monitoring Seller

Brands are Tracking and managing retailers who sell their product online. Identify the vendors are promoting your brand and analyse their relationship with competing brands.

MAP Monitoring

Our product data feeds help brands ensure brand interests are protected on online channels. This helps them enforce Minimum Advertised Price policy to maintain a profitable channel.


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